Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Residents

Q: How do I apply for an apartment?

A:  Eastmore requires that you submit an application fee of $20, the required security deposit (earnest money) and a completed rental application in order to apply for an apartment.  The deposit (earnest money) and application fee must be two separate payments.  We only accept check or money order. You may submit the deposit and application one of the following ways:

  • Mail it to Eastmore Real Estate, 3287 N. Oakland Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53211
  • Drop it off at the Eastmore office during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.
  • Drop it in Eastmore's front office door mail slot during non-business hours
  • Submit it to the building's on-site resident manager

Q:  What are the requirements when applying for an apartment?

A:  Eastmore requires that you have verifiable monthly gross income that is equal to or greater than three times your month's rent.  Secondly, we require that you have rental history.  Lastly, we require that you have positive credit and legal history.  If you do not meet these requirements, we may consider your application with a co-signer.

Q. Do you allow pets?

A. We allow caged animals, such as hamsters and reptiles, as well as fish. Caged animals must remain in their cages and not let loose in the apartment. In addition, some of our properties allow small dogs. For information about a specific building's policies, contact us at (414) 961-1822.

Q. Do you have available parking options?

A. There are various parking options to choose from, depending on the apartment location. Contact us at (414) 961-1822 for more information.

Current Residents

Q. What options do I have for paying rent?

A. You can choose from three ways to pay your rent.

  • You can mail your payment to: Eastmore Real Estate, 3287 N. Oakland Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53211
  • You can also present your payment in person at our office or drop your payment in our door slot after hours or on the weekends.
  • Lastly, you can fill out an ACH form, which allows us to automatically deduct your rent payment from a designated checking account. This form is available in our office as well as available for download on this website under "Rental Forms".

Please remember that rent is due the first of the month. There is a three-day grace period unless otherwise stated in your lease.

Q. What do I do in case of a building emergency?

A. For emergencies, please call our office immediately at (414) 961-1822. Emergencies include flood, fire, constantly running toilet, and an overflowing sink.

Q. How do I submit a non-emergency maintenance request?

A. When submitting a maintenance request, please be as specific as possible. Include your name, address, phone number, and any details you can provide about the issue at hand. You may submit a non-emergency maintenance request in the following ways:

  1. Contact our office directly at (414) 961-1822.
  2. Contact your resident manager via telephone.
  3. E-mail us at

Q. How do resolve a problem or upgrade my cable and internet services?

A. To upgrade from our offered bulk service, please contact Time Warner at (844)-725-4323. Depending upon the package, you are responsible for paying the difference between the offered services and the upgrade.

Q. When can storm windows be open?

A. During the heating season, storm windows must remain closed in order to conserve resources and ensure even heating of the building. The heating season typically begins in October and continues through May. You will receive notices informing you of the last day that storm windows can be open and the first day storm windows can be re-opened.

Q. What is a five-day notice?

A. A five-day notice from Eastmore serves warning of lease violations that must be corrected within five days in order to avoid consequences, possibly including eviction. Typical reasons for issuing five-day notices include noise complaints, unpaid rent, unauthorized guests, and reports of having an unauthorized pet. If you receive a five-day notice, you may contact our office at (414) 961-1822 to resolve the situation.

Q. What if I want to change roommates?

A. To change roommates, all current parties of the lease must submit a request in writing. In addition, the new roommate must submit a rental application with a $20 processing fee. If approved, a new lease will be created. If you wish to remove a party from the lease without adding an additional party, a request must be submitted by all current parties/residents in writing. If approved by the office, a new lease will be drawn up for the remaining resident(s).

Q. How much notice is required if I'm not renewing my lease?

A. We must receive a formal 60-day notice prior to your expiration date and no later than the first of the month. For example, if your lease expires June 30th, we should be informed no later than May 1st. Otherwise, you will automatically be given a month-to-month lease at the month-to-month rate indicated on your lease-renewal letter. If you'd like to move prior to your lease's expiration, you may submit this is in writing; but it will be considered an improper notice and you will remain liable for the rent through the end of your lease, unless your apartment is re-rented prior. Please see your lease.  For further questions, contact us at (414) 961-1822.